In a highly competitive world, working smarter often means leveraging the numerous benefits of a remote workforce. From the environmental impact to having more time to take care of their loved ones, there are several different reasons employees grab remote life. Businesses that implement remote work policies see enhanced productivity & efficiency from their employees. In this post, you will learn about the benefits of a remote workforce that can positively impact your business.

Here are four business benefits of having a remote workforce:

#1 – Increased productivity

One of the strongest arguments for implementing a remote team into your work routine is to increase productivity. Several companies are noticing that their remote team not only gets more done, but they also want to go the extra mile in exchange for the right of work. According to a recent study, 53% of remote employees say they want to work more than 28% of on-site employees.

  • 45% of remote workers report they can work smarter & more productive
  • 44% people say that they accomplish more than in the office
  • 90% of managers report employees are more productive when flexibility to select

#2 – Decreased turnover

Today, a growing number of companies are using remote team options. But why? This is because it helps businesses to retain top talent. A U.S. survey found that 73% of remote workers report high satisfaction with their tasks. Apart from this, 53% of remote employees report that they don’t consider leaving their job soon while 54% of in-house employees look for a new working place.

  • 82% of employees report they are more loyal to employers that offer flexible work options
  • 95% say remote work has had a huge impact on their employee retention

#3 – Increased savings

Having a remote working team saves a significant amount of money for both the company & employees. For companies, savings come with less money spent on real estate, and other overhead costs.

Magazine reports that remote team saves between $2,000 & $7,000 per year on clothes, food & transportation.

  • Businesses would save over $500 bn per year in real estate, electricity, and turnover.
  • National productivity would enhance by 5 million workforces, or about $270 billion
  • Remote employees would save 2 billion gallons of gas by commuting less

#4 – Improved Wellness

One of the most important benefits of a remote workforce is that it lets your company flow via cold & flu seasons with fewer absences. After all, when you communicate through video conference, you don’t have to hold your breath whenever your team sneezes due to there being zero chances of people spreading germs to one another. People who work remotely also enjoy lower stress levels and improved work/life balance. As per this research:

  • 75% of the remote working staff reports they continue to work even during weather-related disasters
  • Companies that are implementing remote working options report 63% fewer unscheduled absences

The Final Thought!

So, these are some benefits of having a remote working team for both employees and businesses. For more information about running a remote team can contact us today!

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